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NEIGHBORHOOD was set up in Tokyo in 1994 by designer Shinsuke Takizawa (Sin). Before opening NEIGHBORHOOD, its creator's main passion were motorbikes and the biking culture. Going as far as regularly participating in the World Championship of Custom Bike Building. In 2006 his motorbike Crusader assembled on the base of an earlier model Nacht-Jaeger won the first prise in the Championship. The same year Cat street in Harajuku saw the opening of the first NEIGHBORHOOD flagship store.

NEIGHBORHOOD clothes emit the aura of authenticity. It's a phenomena based on using modern materials and following certain forms.

The forms based mainly on the interest in the British punk-culture and the American 60's and 70's. Takizawa began his experiment with jeans. Later the brand got into outerwear, accessories and even spare parts for motorbikes.

Trying to enhance the classical models with his own vision, Shinsuke Takizawa has created a truly powerful and recognisable brand with its own unique drive. 

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